Replacement Yard scrapers

Rubber Manufacturing Services is based in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, where we have worked closely with the farming community for more than 40 years.

We have been producing and supplying rubber yard scarper blades for many years now, and more recently have also started offering polyurethane yard scraper blades.

Whatever you need to keep your yard scraper in full working order, we can provide.

Our rubber yard scraper blades and polyurethane yard scraper blades are available to suit a wide variety of yard scrapers including all the current market leading models, and most of the obsolete machines that are sadly no longer available. We can also produce replacement yard scraper blades to suit any one-off “homemade” machines.

If you require a replacement rubber or polyurethane yard scraper blade and would like to contact us to enquire about the cost or to place an order. It is always extremely helpful if you could first check what make and model of yard scraper you have.

As some yard scraper manufacturers offer their machines in more than one size or derivative, it is sometimes difficult to determine exactly which one you have. We therefore recommend counting the number of bolt holes and sometimes noting the configuration of the holes.

We produce rubber blades to suit the following yard scrapers:

  • Maxiscrape
  • AG Easiscrape
  • Browns Megascrape
  • Storth
  • Foster
  • Fleming
  • Nugent
  • Twose 402 / 452
  • Millward & Keeling
  • Moulton
  • Albutt

And many more…..

We produce polyurethane blades to suit the following yard scrapers:

  • Maxiscrape
  • AG Easiscrape
  • Browns Megascrape
  • Storth
  • Exmoor / Urry / Kwikscrape / IAE

We also carry a large stock of replacement:

  • Steel skids (20mm thick) to suit – Maxiscrape, AG Easiscrape, Browns Megascrape, Storth
  • Hinge rubbers
  • Kerb scraper wings
  • Door seal wings
  • Bolts

All of our yard scraper blades come with elongated bolt holes (to suit your particular yard scraper) to make fitting the blade much easier.

Maxiscrape replacement yard scraper blades:

There are four models of the Maxiscrape box type yard scraper. 6ft model, 6ft 6inch model, 7ft model, and 7ft 6inch model. The model size relates to the width of the yard scraper machine. The blades are slightly shorter than each model size, as per the below details:

6ft model – 1680mm blade with 10 bolt holes
6ft 6inch model – 1860mm blade with 11 bolt holes
7ft model – 2050mm blade with 12 bolt holes
7ft 6inch model – 2140mm blade with 13 bolt holes

AG Easiscrape replacement yard scraper blades:

As with the Maxiscrape yard scraper, the AG Easiscrape come in four different sizes. 6ft model, ft 6inch model, 7ft model, and 7ft 6inch model. Again the model size of the yard scraper